Sunday, May 15, 2005

Introduction of Absurdity

In never-land, where things never go wrong money is worthless. However, even in Eden those with green teeth are restlessly in search of opportunity to produce prey and recover their dignity. After all a living entity acquires needs beyond what sustains life. Thus, regardless of interpretation of money, and much to the dismay of Marks there will never be a never-land. It is therefore better to live free, miserable or otherwise.

Now that the XML appeal is diminishing again, why not throw in a previously failed attempt, binary XML. How fortunate for us to live in a society that condemns monopoly. Otherwise, our choices would be limited to the dictator’s list.

Not all miseries of freedom of choice are consequences of bad luck. Charlatans feed on ignorance and chaos. It started out with “XML files are human readable”. I suppose an end user will analyze a file filled with slashes and brackets to figure out why his computer locked up on him.

Then, they paid some with appropriate academic degrees to fill the pages of journals. Even a note to the editor signed by several authors with Ph.D. is quite authoritative. I can understand benign notes for earning our living, for I am a human, too. What I do not understand is a scientist working on SOAP purely for research purposes! I hope you realize I am not speaking of some kind of detergent.

Just a short while ago there was another application of Chaos Theory via the technique of Introduction of Absurdity. I suppose all XML challenges have been resolved, and it is high time for corporations to take advantage of XML backbone tunnels for service-oriented architecture.

I wonder what will follow “binary XML” as the next Introduction of Absurdity?