Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Eventually, the laws of science will prevail

It is unlikely to make a law that works against us. The purpose of law is to protect the interests of its makers. Since our interests are diverse and at times contradictory, only abstract laws are applicable to large groups.

Ironically, corporations write the laws of health insurance. These laws cover everything including, what will be paid for, the percentage, the deductible, as well as who can have insurance. Whereas a tiger hunts for its basic needs, some people’s absurd problems can only be solved by, creating miseries for others and then feeding on them.

So far corporations have been writing the laws of software development. However, in a scientific endeavor ultimately the laws of science will prevail, and the evolution of software development will find its correct path.

Each computing platform is skirted with an operating system that manages its selected combination of hardware. Interaction with a platform must be carried out in accordance to the rules enforced through system calls. Generally, Software Development Kits (SDK) facilitate the use of system programming languages such as C or C++.

The driving force in enabling diverse platforms to evolve independently of one another has been the established protocols, such as TCP/IP and a standard system programming language, such as C++. As a matter of fact, until sufficient experience is gained, any further rules will impair creativity on the part of the designers of those platforms.

A few software companies dwell on system-level applications specific to a particular platform. This form of software development is dominated with the mentality of programming a device. These types of applications are sensitive to fluctuations in the platform, its upgrades and the marketing strategies of the owners of the platform.

The majority of software companies, however, create applications that are identifiable in terms of the functionality of those applications. The lack of a universal abstract language is the only reason that such companies resort to platform-specific SDK.

The difference between using a system programming language and Z++ is the difference between programming a device and software development. The great majority of software packages for any platform are applications that could be done for any platform.

The Z47 processor is the infrastructure that draws the line between system programs and applications running on any computing platform. The Z47 processor honors GUI-related system calls the same way a system programming language does for a platform. However, even GUI-related statements of Z++ language remain the same for all platforms.

The Z++ language is a scientific evolution presented as a superset of C++, as opposed to a subset of C++ with twists for locking in developers to particular platforms. Thus, Z++ is the medium for freedom, and democracy. Developers create software only once, concentrating on the abstract functionality of their product. As a byproduct, better new platforms will reach customers with plenty of software awaiting their arrival.

Z++ is freely available from ZHMicro

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