Saturday, September 09, 2006

May God continue to bless America

This blogger is poetry, and is unrelated to software development. It is however a close description of my life, and my impressions.

What is the difference between the Romans raiding a country with swords, and the Administration devastating our nation with new laws, and neglecting our constitution? The only difference is the magnitude of the people affected by the Administration.

The most horrible form of terrorism is the one that comes silently from within. It is terrible to become homeless and lose your family so someone will make a huge profit. The definition of terrorism does not necessarily include explosions and WMD, despite the fact that the Administration portrays it as such.

Dr. Z.

My life-thread unable to wait
Under democracy’s weight
Free but useless to state

Sheriff is at my door
Karl strategizing on the oval floor
Democrats looking for another Gore

Carter and Kennedy extending their share of democracy
Bush and Cheney drilling it for more currency
Neither bothered with the nature of emergency

My son killed in war
My wife gone far
I am left with a jar

At age of fifty nine
Ph.D. and creed in divine
I have nothing to dine

Jobs left are for the illegal
Illegal are made legal
Citizens perish as illegal

News portray Snow’s deceptions
Selling ads, ignoring perceptions
Profit reins receptions

Basic needs are for profit
Life for trickle from profit
Tax in service of profit

Talk yields compromise
Profit hates compromise
War lacks compromise

Wars creeping step by step
World war at our doorstep
Profit guides evils’ next step

Scorpion is born from scorpion egg
Terrorist is born from terrorized egg
War irrigates land of hopeless egg

Warning then bombing disputable
Military murder unjustifiable
Humanity no longer desirable

Paradise and hell coexist
Oppressors enjoy and persist
Served by duped scientist

Good and evil are on earth
Devil rose from CIA’s dirt
Democracy long behind left

He took pride in his physical
I cannot think of medical
Slave is but for practical

He wants to keep his gangsters
Opportunities require blasters
Profit feeds on disasters

He likes to play video games
Shock and awe for more fames
People burning in open flames

The incapable of acquiring skill
Unable to read after much drill
Is pumping miseries to the fill

May God continue to bless America for the rich
So they can hire politicians to bitch
And keep Americans in deep ditch

Later on, the wind and the rain
---- Will softly wash away my name
My grave will remain in the lane
---- Free of good and bad fame


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