Friday, November 11, 2016

Election 2016 won by a con master, with help from Sanders.

Let me begin with Bernie Sanders. This man used donations from Republicans, who maxed out on him, to paint the critical states from blue to red. He had no plans, and knew he could not get any of his promises done, even with a Democratic House and Senate. His sole contribution to the elections has been to destroy Hillary Clinton. Yes, he wanted to win, and he did not want Trump to win. But to win, he had to destroy Hillary, as he did. Not that he had basis for his claims against her. Besides, did anyone see his tax returns other than the one his wife prepared?

Trump did not win. Sanders won the elections for Republicans.

The young voters who refused to vote for Hillary made the biggest mistake of their lives. Hillary had already worked with Sanders to help them with their educational costs. Unlike Sanders, she had a feasible plan. This was their chance, a chance that they will not see coming for their lifetime.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of obsolete idiots who will vote for anything Red. Consider a newly married couple. Suppose the wife is raped and DNA or other tests prove the child belongs to the rapist. Do you really think that they will simply raise the child as their own? I doubt that.

I saw older women in Florida proudly saying they voted for Trump because they were tired of Clintons. What they really meant to say is that, they were jealous of one of their own gender with accomplishments while they spent their lives in kitchen. Shame on you. Women like you will delay other women to reach their full potential.

About two-thirds of none-college educated women voted for Trump. Obviously they were coerced by their men, if not jealous. Either way, shame on you after hearing so much about Trump's behavior towards your gender. The best way to describe their vote is that, such voters deserve Trump's behavior.

Finally, the true idiots of this election cycle, the white working class. Trump has avoided paying taxes, did not pay those who worked for him, has imported steel from China, etc and etc. And you thought he will spend millions of that money for elections because he felt sorry for you. Seriously? Yes, the Republicans will let him spend on infrastructure, what they have been blocking Obama from doing. But that will not bring real jobs back. Your children will be moving lawns for Trump's children for a living. Indeed, you are the worst king of idiots I have seen in my life.

Yes, Russia and Comey (or I should say Giuliani) did affect the elections. But they only could do that  because you were voting while sleep walking.

In order to avoid all the cases I have mentioned here, I suggest that, a candidate not winning the popular vote must earn about one-fifth of electoral votes more. So, for Trump to win, he had to win 106 electoral votes more than Hillary. Otherwise, the 270 is fine, when the winner also wins the popular vote.

Yes, I am angry and saw no point in being politically correct, or have the least respect for a basket of losers who sent a Charlatan to the White House. He will use that for his business, getting away with all the lawsuits, and making friends in Washington for his future operations. There is nothing anyone can do now. Demonstrations will wear out, and he will be laughing at a bunch of idiot losers that he fooled so easily.

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