Friday, November 11, 2005

Breaking away from past

The probability of a Japanese parents giving birth to a Viking child is mathematically zero. We are what our past has made us into. Unfortunately that also applies to our view of the world surrounding us. All ideas, good, bad and ugly coexist like the magnetic fields in the universe. At times, certain points gain more intensity than others, including our historical feuds.

About 600 BC Cyrus the Great started the notion of money in the form of gold coin with his face on it in order to facilitate commerce and exchange of goods in his empire, which he believed to be the whole world. Among other things, Cyrus also started the notion of mail, where the horseman would leave a tired horse at certain intermediate locations and pick up a well-rested horse to the next point. These ideas have evolved in many ways, including the use of mail for the delivery of finest anthrax, possibly missing the intended targets.

To achieve peace we must consider ourselves primitives and try to become reborn by a thorough study of our past and converting our feuds to reconciliation. This is considerably harder than trying to teach the use of chainsaw to a tribe that uses sharp rocks to cut trees. Once you teach them, and go away leaving the chainsaws behind, they will go back to their primitive tools (Wil Durant).

The universe of programming is just a part of our mind and is therefore subject to the same laws. The good, bad and ugly will coexist. In particular, those who benefit from some of these ideas will not suddenly turn into saints and stop confusing you. To understand the mess just take a look at any ad for hiring an engineer, and count the number of lines that lists the required skills. It is sad to see a person posting that kind of ad at this stage, but not as sad as a democracy strangled by our highest achievement in mass communication.

The IDE for the abstract language Z++ will be available on schedule, end of November. Ideas do not vanish.

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