Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Platform dependent democracy

The object-oriented SQL abstractions of Z++ will be release around July 10. This article is of philosophical nature concerning democracy, and is not related to Z++.

Our victories are reflections of our triumphant attempts to achieve our imagination. A few sub-intelligent capitalists confuse imagination with dream of making more money thereby creating hurdles while causing disasters for millions. Perhaps we need to use our imagination in perfecting the notion of democracy and relieving it from its absolute dependence to the pockets of vulture capitalists.

When greedy capitalists take control of a democratic system, they simply turn it into a system of legalized theft and organized communism. The masses are deceived and enslaved while the privileged ones rule by corrupting the very same means that are intended to unveil corruption, in a free nation.

At any time, our imagination is a theoretical approximation of reality. The joy of successive victories in convergence towards the reality of a better life for all of us is the main stimulus of intelligence. It is a shame to allow a sub-intelligent to exploit our historical feuds for absurd personal gains. Repetition of this bizarre phenomenon is a major candidate for terminating intelligence altogether.

History is a great teacher. However, we do not need to wait for a century and then read Herodotus in order to learn our lesson. We have bitterly tasted how it is a shame to trade the proper use of our scientific achievements for the meaningless achievements of a sub-intelligent. We know very well that deceptions will continue to confuse masses. Perhaps researchers can focus on successively converging our democracy towards a reality in which there is less suffering resulting from deliberations by another Caligula.

Turning to the presidential debate conducted by CNN, I heard a candidate saying, “healthcare must not be controlled by Washington because Washington operates poorly”. Thus, the candidate is already declaring that he is incapable of handling whatever happens in Washington. I take it that he simply wants to live in the White House for a few years?

Another candidate blamed the lack of insurance for millions on the people themselves. He said, with proper education so people quite smoking and eat better food, we can cut billions on medical expenses. That is excellent, but who is the recipient of the billions that will be saved? And somehow the insurance companies are going to share their profit with their insured, as the oil companies are doing it now?

A democracy that depends on the platform of the size of someone’s pocket is like a system program. It only works on the platform for which it is written.