Monday, November 21, 2005

Hansel and Gretel

Let me begin with a pleasant announcement. In two days you will be able to download the Z++ abstract language along with an impressive IDE and self-installer. This is phase one of IDE. In phase two the IDE will take advantage of the processor’s debugging capabilities of multi-threaded abstract software. In its final phase the IDE will include a GUI builder so you can take advantage of processor’s ability to run on PDA.

Let us now turn to history, and go back to King Solomon’s Vanity. Note that he was not aware of Marry Poppins’ vanity. Somewhere there Solomon says, “What seems new to us, the sun has seen many times over”. Indeed, two millennia later our senate did the same as the Roman senate did for Caligula Caesar.

In Vanity, Solomon also mentions that it is not wise to discover the laws of nature as they may be abused by our successors. Look what we have done with TV, in particular the news channels. Nevertheless, I cannot convince myself of the validity of that statement. It seems that overall we eventually recover and put scientific discoveries to good use. Perhaps we will reach out to other planets before Hansel and Gretel becomes a reality, this time world-wide, or before we share the same fate as Vikings hopelessly facing the cruelty of mother nature.

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