Saturday, November 26, 2005

Interpretation of Abortion

Once a young pregnant student asked me about the pains of giving birth. Like any father, after a few nice words I recommended that she talked to an older lady. Sadly, her eyes told me that she had none, not an aunt nor an older sister. That is how it feels in a pregnant country left at the mercy of a guy who has not even experienced the usual challenges of a man in life.

How did we do it? Much thanks to the Bishop who declared the Second Great Sin thereby paving the way for Karl Rove to portray a second term for his candidate as Resurrection and the clearing of the Second Great Sin. Now our country as an entity is practicing abortion. The victims of this abortion are our youngsters instead of unborn infants. Unlike the unborn, these youngsters have established themselves as our future assets through the hard work of their parents, and themselves.

To the best of my recollection Jesus said, “Give Caesar what belongs to him, and give God what is His”. Nonetheless, the Bishop really meant well regardless of how Rove manipulated the media abusing his statement. Rove has mesmerized the President to the point that he thinks Rove is actually a genius.

In software, abortion implies terminating a process before a disaster turns into a catastrophe. Frequently, however, the sudden termination results in colossal damages due to poor design. Generally, it is better to end a particular thread and gather some data to present to the operator for graceful termination of the process as a whole.

The lack of resumption from an exception is a major cause of designing programs that include abort statement. Z++ provides resumption as one of various mechanisms for a better design.

A few nights ago, while finishing up the new IDE for Z++, I realized that the standard library function ‘system’ does not work in Windows. It turned out that when the path to the executable passed to ‘system’ includes a space, results are unpredictable. Considering the fact that all executables are in the folder “Program Files”, you can see why the library function ‘system’ is lost forever. If allowing space as a legal character for a file-name is creativity, then Karl Rove is a genius.

Z++ is freely available from ZH Micro.

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