Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heroes and Imposters

This article is about current events in America and is not related to Z++ programming language.

Capitalism and democracy are two great ideas that can coexist peacefully so long as democracy is in control. Once capitalism takes over, it uses democracy as a means for a small percentage of population finding pleasure and satisfaction in bringing miseries to the much greater majority. The focus of democracy will be no more than preserving the state of matters to the taste of vulture capitalists.

It is unlikely that God created us with our eventual destruction in mind. It is more logical to assume that at certain points in our history He gives us a hand to avoid Armageddon. Otherwise, our future depends on how we will deploy our accidental intelligence. In the latter case, given the rising percentage of bushes in the forest of trees of humanity, the most likely eventuality is that the bushes will consume the trees and end humanity by devouring one another. Thus, Armageddon could only be the consequence of our accidental creation, and may be avoided.

A nation with 90 percent of its population oppressed by 9 percent for the interests of 1 percent is not democratic. The democracy being exported to other countries is a screen-savor for stretching the size of the 90 percent of our population. All we get out of a two-century-old constitution that is the pride of humanity, is the ability to bark so long as we are not too loud, AKA freedom of speech. Ironically, freedom of speech has become an attractive means for selling TV commercials.

Our social and scientific evolutions have been on different paths. Socially, we have been going in circles and forced to repeat the same unfortunate events with leader substitutions. This is because science is open for research and is well documented. On the other hand, social events are studied through history, which is mainly available in fabricated forms.

The notions of conservatism and liberalism are relative to nation or a person’s interests. Consider Kennedy’s objection to using wind for generating electricity solely because some members of his family do not like to see the generators from the Kennedy’s private island. This is a form of liberalism in which the laws of nation are manipulated for personal conservatism.

Lying to save the life of a family member is not equivalent to lying because a family member wants the sun to rise from west. It is not a law of nature that someone whose last name is not Kennedy, Bush or Walton should live a miserable life of a slave so those owning the last names, in a manner similar to kings and princesses, can live a full luxury life filled with comfort and pleasure.

Nations will remember their heroes forever. However, it is the man that makes the name, not the other way round. Our democracy would be more reasonable if it limited the number of terms a person could remain a senator or a representative. Furthermore, the people would do themselves a lot of good if they do not simply vote for a name lest they elect a wolf dressed as sheep.

Being rich is not the issue. The rich overseeing the laws to keep the poor as slaves while extending their wealth and power is only 10 percent democratic, with 9 percent serving the 1 percent body of monarchs. Here and there we are catching a few thieves who have cheated a few millions, while the real ones remain untouchable by means of a strangled democracy that they have taken hostage.

The desire for profit is quite normal. However, capitalism is not a synonym for cruel exploitation. Spending millions in lobbying to lower salaries and reduce taxes is messing with laws of country for maximizing profit. After all, the less one pays in taxes the more profit, forcing the low-paid to make up for it, and miserably so. This is a clear example of legalization of theft at a very large scale, and then in a democracy.

Think about the following observation instead of feeling offended. When I eat, I always have my dog’s share in mind, and he knows that. The majority of us, however, simply eat our dinner not even remembering that we have a dog. At the end, if anything is left in our plate, assuming that the dog is closer than the trashcan, we let the dog have a taste of our food. The latter is the scenario when we replace the basic social services with the trickle down theory.

Basic social services are the right of a person in a society, not a consequence of being lucky to have a job as the servant of a king. The rich receive the very best of medical and other services at the cost of miserable lives of the poor who pay a high percentage of their income in taxes and live their lives under debt and heavy interests, chasing the mirage of a bitter retirement that keeps moving away from them.

One way to reduce the effects of vulture capitalists is for a democracy to identify the basic needs for a reasonably secure social life and provide it for its citizens, while allowing the private sector to compete. However, the cancerous cells of vulture capitalists have spread too far for a democratic treatment of the social disease we are suffering from. One possible scenario is for many of us to parish under the agony of poverty so the remaining miserable will see their future when they go to Florida’s e-voting machines, only until another breed of bushes begin crawling on the trees of humanity.

Scientists should look for means of breaking the vicious cycle of takeover of vulture capitalists. It is the responsibility of scientists to solve our social problems just as they find solutions for our scientific problems. I am not disputing Jesus’ divinity when I say that he was a social scientist who sacrificed his life for the salvation of humanity. After two thousand years we are still making movies of His heroic life. In contrast, a social scientist serving the purpose of a vulture capitalist is an imposter.

For lack of a better name I will refer to the following phenomenon as the principle of mutual devouring. A vulture capitalist wants to absorb as much wealth as he can, so other vultures like him receive less of it. In doing so, a vulture capitalist is not concerned about the impact he is having on his nation.

Thus, when a person is allowed to take billions paying little tax, and to pay as little for wages as he desires, he will use it to the maximum limits in order to increase his wealth. It is therefore the responsibility of the president and the congress to set these limits right so the middle class prospers and poverty vanishes.

It is treason to change the laws so the rich will have the opportunity to suck the wealth of a nation burying the middle class under debt so the following presidents will help them pay their debts for years to come. A democracy should be able to recognize such obvious cases of treason and to properly punish the perpetrators.

What is the point of a roller coaster life resulting from vulture capitalists playing chess against each other for redirecting profit? Is this how the science of sociology defines its object of study?


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