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Science is God’s language

The main argument in this article is that religion and evolution are not mutually exclusive.

Taking the scientific view, it is generally believed that water is a necessary condition for existence of life on a planet. Some scientists would rather say that the existence of water is a good indication that there might be life on a planet. That simply means that water is not a necessary condition for life to exist.

Let us start out at a point where life has already begun, accidentally or through creation. Only intelligent life forms are able to control environmental changes via technological means. So how do other living things on the same planet survive? The question of survival is significant with regard to the continued existence of life as a whole, not with regard to any particular species. Indeed, sudden climate changes have wiped out nations of our kind even in recent history.

While life is extremely fragile, perpetual change is the characteristic of environment and climate. Consequently, a form of life that is incapable of adaptation will cease to exist. Thus, evolution is a necessary condition for life to continue to exist, once it starts at all. Saying it differently, evolution is a mechanism built into life so it can adapt to the changes in its environment and to continue to exist. This conclusion applies to all forms of life that may have started on any planet.

The issue of dispute is not adaptations resulting from short repetitive environmental variations like seasonal changes. Evolution is referred to adaptations that transcend generations resulting in species with different DNA than their ancestors. Evidently, events similar to the birth of a mule do not fall in this category because parents are from different species.

The necessity of evolution for continued existence of life does not imply that life on our planet was accidental. Quite to the contrary, the evolution mechanism is so complex that it is unlikely to be the result of a series of random accidents. In order for the laws of evolution to exist, there must be fundamental particles of life (like virus) that obey the laws, and then reflect a more complex version of those laws in larger organisms that are composed of them.

The disagreement between religion and science should not be the statement, “God created man”. Rather, the source of dispute should be the process by which God created the man. Except for the final process, namely the creation of man, there is no implication that any other species where created once and for all, without transcendental transformations. In fact, Genesis does not provide any bases for rejecting an evolutionary process of creation.

Perhaps someday we will find out exactly how we suddenly started to walk this planet. Until then, religion does not have to reject evolution. The only dispute, if any, is whether man was created spontaneously, or as the final stage in the evolutionary process of creation. Science is God’s language for stating the laws of evolution. The prerequisite for learning to speak this language is not defiance of God.

Social Structure

Intelligent species extend the laws of evolution to their social structure. Initially, as small tribes we started out quite well. After all, all members of a tribe were needed for survival, and everyone had sufficient mutual experience with everyone else in order to care about them.

In larger societies, the tribal love and care transforms to love for one’s family. In a complex society such as ours, nationality extends the boundaries of the notion of family. Nevertheless, the source of our miseries is the vulnerability of democracy against corruption, and the effective use of corruption by vulture capitalists.

When a rich man approached Jesus seeking salvation, Jesus told him to give his riches to the poor and return to Him. When the man left, Jesus stated the most fundamental law of our social structure, “This man will not come back”. Simply put, it is the evolution of our social structure that will eradicate social miseries and slavery of the masses, not the enthusiasm of the rich people. Our only solution is the elimination of corruption from the body of our lawmakers, a formidable if not an impossible scenario.

Iraq War

Not a single person on this planet can say a word against the great work that our soldiers are doing in Iraq. Furthermore, going to Iraq and removal of the dictator was not such a bad idea if that was the actual goal. Our troubles started when Mr. Bush showed his hand by reserving all rebuilding contracts for his friends.

In recent meeting in Canada, Mr. Bush threw a line of dissatisfaction against the Iraqi leaders in his speech to help our corrupted media divert attention from the real intent of the meeting. That meeting was for committing more of our enslaved population to the expansion of the business of yet another friend, the Walton family.

As far as Iraq war, our soldiers have done what is rather impossible to achieve by any other army. And yet, our nation is losing its bright youngsters, and growing poorer so a few families will benefit so much as to surround their palaces with anti-missile technology.

I do not argue that pulling out of Iraq will have a worse outcome. However, we can work on this without allowing the perpetrators to continue to benefit from it. As a nation we are betraying our soldiers, and their great accomplishments. We seem to be the only free nation volunteering for slavery, or are we free?

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