Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa’s gift to the President

This note is on Capitalism.

Moderated capitalism is natural and healthy. On the other hand, unregulated capitalism is the reckless work of modern barbarians, AKA capitalists. The purpose of science is to bring better lives to all of us. However, without capitalism there will be little motivation for distributing and delivering the results of scientific discoveries. But does that mean that we should close down public schools so capitalists can find another source for investment?

When I was teaching at the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg, in mid nineties, I heard that a high percentage of the funds for state institutions are being transferred to private colleges. Soon it became clear that the children of the rich attended those colleges. Since the tax that the rich pay is worth more than what general public pays, it was decided that the tax money should be spent for the education of the children of the rich. This behavior has nothing to do with the notion of capitalism.

Capitalism is distinct from manipulating a nation in order to create dirty opportunities of profitability for a few. In the same vain that artists, athletes and scientist come across new ideas, a true capitalist finds new ways of providing services. A service provider does not also make the laws of how to use his services, just as an artist cannot make laws that force you to buy his work. A capitalist owns his capital just as an artist owns his talent. They both go through hardship in perfecting their ideas, and take all kinds of risks. It is their life and they are free to live it in any way they desire.

The President argues that the rich should pay less in taxes so they can create jobs. Indeed, even the President knows this is an utterly false statement regardless of the intent of the person who wrote it for him. While a capitalist is rich, not every rich is a capitalist just as not everyone is an artist. For instance, what happens when a rich takes the money but does not create jobs? Is there any law stipulating that he must create jobs? Is there any law with regard to the way jobs are created? For instance, is the tax relief in our country for creating jobs in other countries? Perhaps a slow growing logarithmic tax bracket will help create more jobs.

Iacocca says, “The speed of boss deteremines the speed of team”. This person borrowed his capital from people, he encouraged those people to sacrifice their lives for making the business debt-free, and then he ditched them taking 26 millions in personal income. In an unregulated capitalism there are no laws against national crimes because patriatism is redefined to suit the preferences of anomalies of our species.

A true capitalist is a visionary who finds new ways of facilitating the use of scientific discoveries and earns his luxurious life through hard work and by providing useful services. Winning a lottery does not evolve the winner into a visionary unless the person already has the foundation for it. The tax laws correctly observe this fact.

The center of vision of a person in search of treasure is himself. That is his choice and his life. A president, however, should not make the nation bring the treasure to such people. Just as we pay high taxes on our small properties, a rich has to pay taxes on his personal properties, which also includes what is incorrectly labeled as capital. What enters my pocket is income, while capital is what I put back to work.

Churchill says, “Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon."

Indeed, very few any more, if any. It is unfair to make the rich share the miseries of the nation, but they should not be allowed to feed on such miseries either. Nature does not mail its disasters to the poor only. In the same vain, a nation should not be turned into a fat cow of miserable so the milkmen can have a feast until another president rectifies the situation. All presidents are elected by, the poor and the rich, alike.

The President, in a dramatized interview just before elections, stated that the Mexicans crossing the border come to our country so they can take care of their families. Actually, this simply increases the pool of miserable so the price of laber continues to drop. At the end, those who will not find jobs in a foreign country, will have no option but to reluctantly resort to crimes to feed their families.

It is said that the rich dream big. That is because they sleep more than the poor that bring them the money by working long hours only to feed their children. The poor are merely entitled to the drops of trickle down theory, and then only when it is profitable for the rich.

The profit is the difference between the drop from the rich and the loss of life from the poor. When such profit is taken as personal income, it should be subject to fair tax precisely as the paychecks are, unless free enterprise is a synonym for lawlessness. The most sickening statement is, “Punishing the successful ones”. It is a shame to disguise barbarism as success.

Leonardo da Vinci spent most of his life making horse statues and portrays for the rich so he could spend a fraction of it for his scientific visions. Had he not had to submit to useless visions of the rich, he would have completed the works that were of interest to him. A visionary capitalist is a respectable person with new ideas for improving our lives. A visionless rich in seek of profit will cause the nation, and the world great losses.

We remember President Clinton because he did not distribute ice bags prior to elections and then disappear when caterina devastated Louisiana. I do not know in what way Jesus has changed the President’s heart. But I doubt Jesus would bother with the mechanical heart of his Aristotle.

I remember a major fishing company lost a large number of customers for its ways of treating dolphins that were caught in nets. Perhaps the President considers a huge population of citizens are less intelligent than dolphins.

Some believe life is the result of a sequence of accidents. Such random accidents based on greed and stupidity will also end it, unless the kingdom of knowledge and love replaces it. I am not certain that kingdom will ever come when elections are essentially war of giants of wealth and riches.