Thursday, February 23, 2006

The disease of Pregnancy

In 1977 I came to America to do graduate work in mathematics. I did my master in one year in New Mexico, and three years later I earned my Ph.D. from Colorado State University. Perhaps you have noticed that shortly after my arrival in the US there was a revolution in Iran, the country from which I came.

You may also recall that, Burzhisnky with the help of CIA had succeeded in convincing president Jimmy Carter on the issue of creating chaos in the Middle East because the Shah was trying to achieve nuclear energy. Later, Mr. Carter even got a Nobel Peace Prize for approving the plan. After all, the best way to weaken Japan and Russia was to take away their customers.

I entered America with a great government scholarship only to lose it three semesters later. As a result, I had to complete my Ph.D. by working at restaurants in addition to teaching assistantship. But while I had the scholarship, the embassy would also pay for medical insurance premium. So, in New Mexico I bought health insurance from a company recommended by the university. I am trying to leave the name of the company out for no reason other than not being sure which one it was. Yes, they are all the same.

In the summer of 1978, when leaving New Mexico for Colorado my wife was three months pregnant. I was instructed by the university to see the insurance agent prior to moving. In fact I remember asking, “Isn’t the insurance for the whole country”? I do not remember the answer, though.

The agent gave me the name and address of another agent in Fort Collins and asked me to sign papers for canceling our insurance. I asked about the use of the term “cancel”. He assured me that it was just a technicality, and that the agent in Colorado will have all the information to continue our insurance.

The agent in Colorado asked me a few questions and then said that he cannot insure us due to a pre-existing condition. Keep in mind I thought that health insurance is for health matters. I had no clue that pregnancy is some kind of disease. In fact, I could not understand the relevance of a pre-existing condition. So, if someone gets sick before seeing an agent he should just die?

Remarkably, except for a brief period that President Clinton was in the office, things have only gotten much worse for Americans, despite the fact that the CIA has succeeded in destroying several countries since then. So, who is benefiting from all of this chaos and confusion?

According to chaos theory, a small anomaly may result in catastrophic repercussions. Thus, the disruption of the relationship between Russia and its customers has given an unexpected rise to a bunch of stupid Mullahs. Since no one can imagine such idiots getting their hands on nuclear weapons, the next target for well-tested weapons of the sole superpower has already started blinking.

Whether this was a calculated outcome or a miscalculation is irrelevant. The repercussions are awaiting the world. After all, one cannot harvest wheat by planting barley seeds. May God help us elect more peaceful and wise presidents in the future, if there is one.