Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Does Good really win, ever?

The birth of the notion of philosophy coincides with that of Homo Sapiens. We either seek or conceive a philosophical point of view and live our live under its control. It may be called super ego, or anything you want. The important thing is that we live in accordance to our view of life and our beliefs.

The notions of Good and Evil seem to have been around since the dawn of earliest civilizations, in one form or another. The general perception is that the target of Good is outside of itself. It intends to eliminate the problems that harm others just as they harm it. The Evil’s target, on the other hand, is within its own circle of interest. Anything outside of this circle is either a threat and must be removed, or has a use for the Evil’s selfish intentions.

Put otherwise, Good cannot harm what is outside of it by the very definition of Good. However, Evil will viciously resort to anything that suits its needs. Good is therefore handicapped like a father with a family.

This is a great imbalance and Good is very unlikely to win, ever. What we usually interpret as Good winning at the end is just another Evil presenting itself as a Trojan Horse. Nevertheless, Good does occasionally surface for short bursts and is quieted quickly, by the Evil. The best we can do is to help extend the period of reign of Good.

It seems as if, unless you are lucky to be able to sell your soul and enter, even the lowest circle of Evil’s Kingdom, your dreams will be too small for anything than a life of slavery and sacrificing your children for the wars of Evil. However, once you enter the Evil’s circle there is no return. Your life will be spent worrying from your own shadow, because those who draw sword are killed with sword.

Evil’s weakness is arrogance. It simply cannot avoid it because arrogance is in Evil’s nature. Sooner or later, it is the arrogance that exposes the Evil. However, in our time that can be controlled through media, especially TV. So, it seems that we are indeed doomed. Not so fast. Evil needs fuel to shine its arrogance.

Good has no need for power, while evil can only exist through power. As Evil seeks power, it will need more and more resources to eliminate anomalies that get in the way of its plans. Eventually, it gets large enough for anomalies to rise from within, and the Good gets a brief chance to rectify the damages caused by Evil.

We can help extend the period of reign of Good by staying informed and alert. Evil, feeds on chaos and confusion. It wants everyone lost, in debt, mourning, etc, and itself living the miserable life of being in control of situation, carefully watching everything in order to maintain its reign. We cannot stop Evil because it is not a particular person. In fact Evil can surface through the holiest person. But we can reduce its periods of reign to a point where it has little effect on pulling us towards the prophesized Armageddon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

quoting you [not an exact quote] "we either seek or conceive a philosophical ... and live our life under its control.... we live in accordance to our view of life..." .... Yep - Okay.... There are some people who will say "I do not have any philosophy, I just go on & live." However, even unconsciously or subconsciously, they *do*. There are some people who say -- as one of my brothers said -- "The purpose of my life is to live for pleasure" (hedonism). But, by default, such people still *do* have a philosophy. (at least IMHO) Eh?

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with this post, just another post you did where you said that your life has been a series of painful consequences of adhering to the catechism you were taught as a child: What then do you make of the statement, "Honor your father & mother that your days may be long ..." (longevity) ? Do you think it applies only to those who are biologically Jewish, first of all ...? Or do you think it is a general statement that applies to all people - but that can be true, even 'simultaneously' true even while the "painful consequences" are still occurring? I speak from painful experience. It's interesting to me how modern people praise and laud those who do _not_ honor their parents; and heap scorn upon those who concientiously adhere to the "catechism." Those who "adhere to the catechism" are called spineless, old-fashioned, "unable to think outside the box" (which is not true!!), prude, idiot, strait-laced, puritan, childish, or even "wrong". I've been badgered & pressured & mocked... despite the fact that I didn't do the same to them or anyone else (in other words, I didn't treat them the way they were treating me - I didn't call *them* "wrong" or heap scorn on them - I was quiet and well-mannered / polite toward them) - But I believe that a day of justification will come.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re "imbalance - good is very unlikely to win, ever." (quoting you. not an exact quote) -- a day of justification is coming.

9:45 AM  

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