Sunday, March 19, 2006

Automatic updates

From among a number of possibilities it was decided to use FOX graphic library for building tools around the Z++ formalism. The library is actually better than those for which we had to pay thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, one has to work around defects and deficiencies like any other system library.

While frustrated with a workaround that took two days of fierce fight before yielding, I had a revelation that deserves a brief digression. For an instant I was filled with appreciation for automatic updates. Although sometimes they get in the way, generally such updates fix all your problems, in the background.

This Satanic Revelation was immediately followed by, a Devine Apocalypse. What ensures that an update will not cause certain applications to fail? I am not speaking of malicious business operations. How can an update be safe for all types of applications running on your system? Is there such a thing as a none-business Microsoft Abstraction?

Do not worry about the company from which you bought a failing application. They simply do not have the expertise to keep up with Microsoft updates. Once they lose sufficient market share, Microsoft will help them out. Their company will be part of Microsoft where they will learn how to keep up.

There are some losers out there, too. They really think, they are a match for the advanced scientific creations pouring out of Microsoft with each update. As a result, the next DELL computer will come to you with XXP Windows, which includes the superior Microsoft version of the application, for FREE!

Established businesses that make applications for Windows have a third option, however. They regularly request a certain number of Microsoft consultants. After all the consultants waste a small amount of time by setting up a few useless meetings. On the other hand, they furnish the modern version of the Mafia protection mechanism and allow businesses to pay their dues.

Z++ is freely available from ZHMicro.