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GWB effect and the real face of terrorism

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The events and examples mentioned in this note are intended for drawing conclusions related to sociology, and possibly finding solutions. A scientist should not drown himself (herself) in his research in an attempt to avoid hearing the voices of agony. The souls voicing their pain are innocents, like the scientist, under torture by criminals of humanity.

The Glide from White to Black (GWB), or from Light to Dark will be explained as a consequence of inner acquisition. Sociology is a science obscured by politics. Sociological theories are derived from observations of events that have already occurred. Thus, if the events are skirted with false outfits, theories derived from the observations of such events are inherently fraudulent and will inevitably recycle the unpleasant events of the past.

In simple words and taking mechanics as an example, future events will occur in accordance to the actual reality of laws of physics, independent of how we theorize the laws based on our perceptions. Thus, Global Warming will continue on its natural course independent of the 100-billion-dollar articles published by EXXON supported researchers.

By the way, we pay for the cost of false research through research incentives presented as birthday gifts from son to father. In other words, the nation is sucked to bankruptcy so oil companies will have the capital to support false research. This is an example of GWB effect where masses are looted and the trophies are distributed among supporters.

The GWB effect has frequently surfaced in the brief history of mankind. In every case the cause of this bizarre phenomenon has been a selfish sub-intelligent inheriting, and at times acquiring the power to control the resources of a relatively advanced nation.

Theoretically speaking, the purpose of electing a leader is to eliminate inheritance, as well as the acquisition of power. Prior to the process of election, acquisition was achieved by conquering a nation through war. Presently, we see two forms of acquisition, the inner and the outer methods.

The outer method of acquisition is relatively easy to control for an advanced nation. For instance, America can easily stop other countries from buying out its major technological industries. Considering the fact that America is a superpower, one can easily conclude that the source of all of our problems is the inner acquisition of this power for pursuing personal interests. Hence, we need to theorize ways that will make a democratic nation inner-acquisition resistant.

Once an inner acquisition takes place, it grows generating more cancerous cells inflicting extreme pain and agony to the infected nation. It only ends when the infected nation dies, and as Jesus puts it, “it is reborn” from within. The GWB effect of an inner acquisition is the real face of terrorism that destroys millions of lives just as plague did, except it is more prolonged and painful than plague.

So far in our history, the death of nations has either been terminal, or near-death experience. In the latter case, some cancerous cells remain floating around until they regain the power, and the cycle begins all over again.

Mankind needs to solve this problem so the rebirth acts more like pasteurization, and without creating chaos and destruction. Indeed, chaos and destruction will be caused by, the anomalies and the cancerous cells. The recent case of anthrax should serve as an example for future generations. It is ridiculous to even think that a superpower was unable to find the source of the anthrax attack, and now it is conveniently forgotten.

In a tightly controlled society with perpetrators fully protected by a strangled democracy and a corrupted media, the rebirth of a nation is simply a facelift for perpetrators. The death of the nation merely brings prolonged miseries to millions, while keeping the cancerous cells out of harms way.

Accordingly, any suggestion for pasteurization process will fail until we first solve the more fundamental problem of the relationship between a citizen and his nation. As things are, a child born to a citizen could have been born in any country for all that matters. What actually matters is the fact that somehow the child grows into an adult that can be used in profitable ways, and produce more children to replace him/her.

Essentially, vulture capitalists want to keep all the money they suck out of everyone, and continue to amuse themselves by catching us as fishes looking for our basic needs. Vulture capitalists know very well that once the control of our basic needs are taken away from them, it will be the people who decide, as a democracy is meant to be.

In simple and plain words, maintaining control over basic needs is not merely for profitability, as Michael Moore portrays. Citizens whose basic needs are not threatened are free and will control the course of political activities. Thus, the actual purpose of maintaining control of our basic needs is to take away our freedom. We are an enslaved nation permitted to express its sufferings.

Consider the following example of GWB effect. A scientist has a fixed income, and has probably borrowed some money to pay for health-related matters for his family. Suddenly, oil companies decide to tax him by raising their prices. The company that provides electricity to his house passes on their taxes to him. The latter is an indirect tax paid to the oil companies.

Now, with substantial reduction in scientist’s income, he has to make a choice between punishing his family for what he believes in, and selling his talent to the oil companies for research funds. This person is a hostage. He is not free to make his desired choice, but later he cannot contradict himself, either. Thus, the GWB effect has glided a fine person into darkness. We usually refer to this as selling one’s soul to the Devil.

Rudy Jiuliani, in his latest campaign, repeatedly asked, “They want to take away from you for the common good. Does that make sense”? He emphasized his plan for further tax cuts beyond what Mr. Bush has already accomplished, and ridiculed socialized medicine. Then, one of his supporters spoke in his defense, making the following amazing remarks.

“Last year I wrote a check for $200,000 for my employees’ 401K. If I am taxed for a $100,000 that money must come from somewhere. I will have to take it out of 401K contributions. Just like you have goals in life, I have my goals. So, if the government takes my profit away, I have to get it from elsewhere.”

That is so beautifully stated that speaks for itself. In effect, Mr. Jiuliani wants his masters to have total control over our minimum basic needs, and let them collect even more profit so perhaps they will be generous to throw their leftover to us. And we must fight like dogs to get a piece of the leftover. How can a nation terrorized to the lowest level of indecency claim to support a decent democracy?

Mr. Bloomberg prefers the oxymoron phrase “There is no free lunch” when referring to socialized basic needs, in particular socialized medicine. He means to imply that the services are provided freely, and right away adds that the people of those countries are heavily taxed. Now, even a monkey knows that no one can continue to receive social services without working a good portion of his/her life except Bloomberg et al, which is why the phrase is oxymoron.

By the way, are we really paying less tax than the countries that provide socialized medicine? Are other taxes such as social security considered when making that claim? How about the other half of social security paid by the employer? Note that, just because the employer is making the payment on your behalf does not mean that the employer is being benevolent. You are paying the employer’s half through your work. How about sales tax, property tax and whatever else tax? So I ask again, are we really paying less tax than other countries, or is it Mr. Bloomberg who is getting away with paying his fair share of taxes?

The term fairness in a social context means that the laws must treat citizens as equals in all respects. Now, calculate all types of taxes that you pay for a salary under $100,000. Make sure you consider all taxes that the employer is paying on your behalf. The employer is only paying such taxes because you are doing something profitable for him. Therefore, any tax paid on your behalf for the job you are performing is tax paid by you.

Finally, estimate other types of taxes, such as sales tax. You will see that you are taxed for well over half of your earnings. Next, make sure you understand that taxes paid by Mr. Bloomberg on you behalf, such as social security taxes, is not his tax. His earning is like yours, which are his salary and his profit. So, how is it that you pay more than half of your earning into tax, but he only pays a small fraction of it? Is this not a skewed version of social equality following from GWB effect?

What Caesar Bloomberg is really saying is the following.
“So long as I am pleased with your performance towards my profitability, I will let you have lunch. At any time of my choosing, without regard to your qualifications, experience, years of service and your children, I can deny you and your family from having lunch. Thus, make sure that I remain pleased at any cost to your health and your family. You solely exist to please me.”

Moving to the recent mortgage disaster, when a huge percentage of citizens are forcibly removed from their homes and left on their own along with their children, the country is under attack. As far back as we can tell from history, when citizens of a nation are under attack the ruling body takes immediate protective actions.

The fact that the attack emanates from within, it qualifies as an act of terrorism. The claim that a large percentage of population collectively made stupid decisions is unjustifiable. They simply did not anticipate the suction of funds by oil companies to support their false research, among other things. The repercussions of increase in gas prices suddenly reduced their income to the level of poverty, as another demonstration of GWB effect.

It is my observation that the GWB effect in America has reached its peak. The inner-acquisition of power by corporations has advanced to a point where it will continue to give itself appropriate facelifts for many years to come. We will be lured to pursue opportunities for financial freedom rather than paying attention to a plan for social life. Those of us who can make a difference, like scientists, are mostly taken hostage and will act contrary to their true beliefs. America will be flooded with new immigrants seeking jobs and displacing old timers towards profitability for corporations. My sorrow is for the masses that will live painfully miserable lives so a few can enjoy a pleasurable ride, for years to come.

The cost of freedom is high. The question is, who takes the burden of the cost and who benefits from the secured freedom. Perhaps if we shared the cost and the benefits of freedom, there would not be as many wars. Maybe we should focus on freedom from GWB effect as the actual source of terrorism.

May God bless America.

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