Thursday, May 15, 2008

The omnipotence paradox

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In previous blogs I have argued that our entire universe is just a particle in the limitless vastness of existence. The view of infinite (number of) universes implies that universes are affected by other universes, and may even collide into one another. More interesting is the notion of parallel universes, though unimaginably far apart.

The main point of the argument is the lack of gaps, which should not be confused with vacuum or void. Lack of gap is equivalent to continuity of existence. The argument is that, if we allow for gaps as areas where nothing exists, such gaps will eventually separate the tiniest particles to ineffective mutual distances.

There is nothing wrong with the view that our universe is made up of a few kinds of fundamental particles. However, it does beg the question as to why these types of particles, and why so many of each kind. Note that indivisibility implies that the number of each kind of particles is fixed.

Perhaps the existence is continuous, and fundamental particles are distortions of the fabric of existence. As such, other universes could be made up of other types of fundamental particles, obeying different laws of physics. Furthermore, if the initial particle (mass, black hole) that is now our universe was just a condensation of fabric of existence, its sudden expansion to any size (big bang inflation) is quite logical.

The reason for this reference to previous blogs is to illustrate that omnipotence is paradoxical, not just relatively paradoxical. It is true that what cannot be done in one universe could be happening in another universe. Nonetheless, the possibility of causing something to happen is constrained by the physical actuality.

Consider the statement “God can do something that He cannot undo”. Assigning the logical truth-value or false-value to this statement puts a restriction on omnipotence. This implies that there are things that cannot be done, or that, not everything is possible in any given scenario of reality. A simple way of seeing the omnipotence paradox is as follows. God can do anything, and therefore He can do something, which He cannot undo.

There is a disturbing conclusion that can be drawn from the preceding observation. It implies that there are things that cannot be done, which is why God needs our military assistance in fulfilling some of His promises. In many cases we compromise with a load of future vengeance, or until we are strong enough to force a better deal. Basically, we are accepting the omnipotence paradox and admitting that God needs our military assistance in fulfilling some of His promises. Considering the fact that we regard God as absolute perfection, the question becomes, why would God make promises that He could not fulfill peacefully? The Creator gave us intelligence, how we have chosen to use it is the work of Devil.

Back in the seventies, the young and intelligent President Jimmy Carter, was manipulated by his director of CIA, George Bush. The President was persuaded that the Shah of Iran would eventually make a nuclear bomb. At the time the Shah had established dozens of universities in all corners of the country. Iran’s exports to Asia were rising rapidly and the final stage was the petrochemical plant, and achieving nuclear energy. The last two, however, were a threat to EXXON. Mr. Bush preferred something like Arabia of Mr. Saudi and his royal family. However, there was no way to fool the American’s with the idea that the Shah is after the nuclear bomb to hurt Israel.

President Jimmy Cater in his visit to Iran stated that, “Under the Shah, Iran is the island of stability”. One wonders just what happened a few months later. I recall the starting incident in my hometown in Abadan that fueled the Iran’s revolution. At a peak time with the Rex theater filled with over 400 people, its doors were blocked from outside and the theater was set to fire burning 400 people alive. This was beautifully blamed on the Shah, all over the country. You know the rest.

Carter had learned his lesson and was not cooperative, so Mr. Bush needed to get to the White House in order to achieve his Big dreams. He chose an actor to hide behind and created the hostage crisis in Iran against Carter. Do you really believe that a bunch of students, without the help of CIA took over the American embassy in Tehran? Just how did these students know how to secure a huge stretch of land with many buildings, within minutes? The takeover was a very well planned operation just as was the incident that occurred during the hostage rescue operation.

And now, a few decades later, George Bush the son celebrated his daughter’s marriage. I wish the young lady a long happy life filled with blessings. However, I expected a word from the Commander in Chief who has sent thousands of our youngsters to their death. Perhaps a moment, and a few words thanking their soul for their ultimate sacrifices. Alas our actions reflect our hearts’ contents. America is the land of opportunity for Big dreams that require millions of miserable slaves who do not deserve a word that may stain the moment of pleasure achieved through their sacrifices.

We need to revisit the laws of evolution, in particular “The Survival of the Fit”. When it comes to our species, the law becomes, “The Survival of the Liars”. The bushes are privileged, and the trees are for pleasurable consumption. Thus, our speech ability creates a paradox to evolution. Since the Liar’s Paradox is already taken (we used it for the omnipotence paradox), we will call this one, “The Paradox of the Survival of the Unfit”. The fit simply get killed in wars so the unfit can celebrate their children’s weddings.

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