Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Water, light and black hole

Considering the amount of water on our planet, I sometimes wonder where was all this water when earth was a ball of fire? Was the atmosphere plain steam? So where did the steam come from? We are laughing at the theory that Atlas held the earth on his shoulders. Would the future laugh at us, assuming of course there is a future in our fate?

We know light bends and slows down when it enters a thicker layer, such as water. For a moment imagine a long rectangular pool with onion-like layers starting with water and getting thicker as we reach the other end of the pool. Let us say the thickest layer at the other end is fluid tar and gets much thicker before we hit the end of pool.

Now create a wave at the end that starts with water. This wave will change its characteristics as it enters heavier layers. The height of wave may reduce and it will probably move slower. By the time it reaches the tar the wave may be so small that we may hardly see it, and it will slowly diminish at the other end of tar without bouncing back.

If we imagine a body of mass to be a concentrated distortion in the fabric of existence, it will be easy to think of thinner layers surrounding it in the shape of onion layers as we move outwards. That is, as we move away from the center of the distortion the concentric spheres surrounding it will become thinner.

Now we may be able to explain why light bends as it passes close to our sun. The light simply hits a thicker layer. So, if there is a lot more of these layers that get thicker as in our pool example, the light may bend so much that it may reach the center of distortion where it will diminish.

Perhaps that is what is happening when light reaches a black hole. As we know, the light slows down and it does not bounce off the black hole.

I would like to finish with a comment about all these recent books on democracy and the lies of the evil occupant of the White House. I am the actual player in the arena of the miseries emitting from a strangled democracy. What do I gain from reading your books about my stolen peace and the prosperous life that I had before Bush robbed the control of the White House? Can you punish him and get me back on track? Otherwise I knew it all too well before you saw the opportunity to make money with your book. You can just put your ideas in a blog for free, as I have been doing.

Now, if you are proposing a theory that may solve the problem of thieves and burglars robbing the Senate, the House and the White House, your book is of value. But then, you must stand up to well-paid scientists who are still trying to prove that trickle down is a theory but that global warming is a myth. Just about anyone can solve the problems we are facing. Unfortunately, the robbers have stolen so much that we are no more than enslaved players of their dreams of profitability and control. That is why President Clinton will not be allowed to return to the White House.