Saturday, October 04, 2008

Government is the Problem, not the Solution

This is simply another deception along the lines of trickle down theory. In fact, this one comes from the same person who also said “America is too big for Small Dreams”.

Since there is no objection to being a superpower in order to protect the interests of those who wish the government out of the way, I suppose the army is not considered part of the government. Neither is the police force because they are needed to protect those folks from within.

For these looters, government becomes a problem when it provides planning and basic services. Planning reduces problems on which they can feed. Services, on the other hand, result in competition and therefore reduction of profit. In particular, it becomes harder to claim that cutting taxes on the ridiculously rich folks will create jobs. Instead, they must actually pay better salaries and compensation to their employees for the sake of retention.

The idea behind the government being the problem is the fact that the whole purpose of a government is to take care of its entire population. Obviously, the Gang Of Pests cannot live in that kind of peaceful environment. They need a central dictatorship to make spontaneous decisions with regard to increased rate of profitability for the few in control. A democratic government ruled in accordance to its constitution is, controlled by its people. The latter scenario is precisely where the government becomes the problem. For the GOP the government is a tool to create a large pool of slaves so they can manipulate as desired.

Basically, what the title really means is that, the government is a problem when it gets in the way of absurd levels of profit, either by planning or by providing basic services such as health insurance. In particular, a universal health insurance will rescue the nation from being preys of profitability, due to unexpected misfortunes. The GOP wishes to retain all the best of the services of a nation for a few, and have all the others live entirely based on their luck. This strategy generates a large number of unlucky to feed upon, very much like vampires do. Obviously, many of the unlucky ones perish without being consumed entirely. As far as GOP is concerned, that is just the leftover that one throws in trash.

For the GOP, therefore, the role of an ideal government is to provide for the wolves in a variety of ways. For instance, working double shift at low wages is very much like being chased by wolves. Sooner or later, you are going to fall. This time the wolves of health insurance will have a feast. Should things not work as desired, the President himself will help them out with tax cuts. Even if that does not satisfy their quench for looting, well, we will just bail them out by donating our future income, in addition to the so-called incentives for research.

About my situation

My house will be on foreclosure sale on Tuesday October 7. It seems more appropriate to devote a few articles to current events before returning to science. Nonetheless, my intent is to dig into certain aspects of events, in more abstract terms.

I hope this article serves to indicate how many subtle deceptions are going around. These deceptions poison our minds in ways that we cannot think beyond who was boring, and who was a beautifully prepared tape, in a debate (Vice Presidential Debate).

Indeed, if you look at the context in which Reagan made his glorified deceptions, you will find that he was trying to kill a movement that was going in the opposite direction from profitability (such as Global Warming). It is due to his success in masking oppression, that the GOP adores Reagan, just as it hates President Clinton.

It seems like the criminals of humanity have found another version of “He is the guy to have a beer with”. They are hoping that she can be as effective as Reagan in hiding their criminal activities behind deceptions through her charm.

I have a feeling that America is beginning to step out of its dark ages as more Americans leave the republican base. Hopefully, we will have more choices in the future. Meanwhile democrats will do. I prefer to be a conservative in that I do not like sudden untested radical changes when it comes to managing a nation as complex as ours. But being conservative has nothing to do with being a republican.