Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth of July reflections

It is fourth of July and I am taking a smoking break at WalMart. I enlisted as one of their slaves (AKA associates) two years ago starting with pushing carts in their parking lot for some seven months. Now I am stocking, cleaning floors and unloading trucks. In what follows, read WalMart as Corporate America.

While smoking I see a cart-pusher chasing carts. I remember the days I was pushing carts, at the age of 60 and with one Ph.D. per arm. Soon, my few minutes of break per every two hours are over and I head back. As I return to the bins to load a cart with cat litter for stocking, Rob passes by, expressing his joy for finally seeing the sunlight through the roof. It had been cloudy all day. Without thinking, I said to him that he had to leave the building in order to see the true sunlight. Then I thought to myself, where exactly do the walls of WalMart end? Is there really a place where the buffalos roam and the skies are not cloudy all day?

While WalMart (Exxon, etc) is making billions in profits our nation is drowning in trillions of debt to foreign countries. The nation’s debt will be paid by, our children while Waltons and Bushes will have their lions make laws so their children will profit even from those payments. Ted Koppel of ABC News concludes that the tall buildings in China are the result of corruption. What he does not say is the fact that we have evolved corruption to our legislative power thereby legalizing corruption altogether.

As slaves, we are not lashed and kicked anymore because the lions of senate make sure there is a healthy flow of younger slaves to replace us. Instead, we are courteously sent to homelessness and bitter life in accordance to the laws that protect our rights to die free in misery. Those are our laws, are they not?

A system that is based upon profitability from miseries of its people, by instinct will make laws to seek opportunities that result from creating such miseries. It will not tolerate waiting for miseries to happen, or participate in remedial operations. Bush’s stupidity simply revealed the true nature of the system to just a few more people.

Our multinational corporations are seeking centralized globalization hiding behind the mussels of a superpower. This form of takeover globalization should not be confused with cooperative and distributed globalization. The centralized globalization sought by our corporations is not cooperative and will eventually bring about the third world war. It is hard to imagine the whole world controlled by corrupted democratic laws made to suit the needs of a few. So far they have done quite well within the borders of our country.

These corporations have very little concern for terrorist attacks. After all, a terrorist can only cause collateral damage. The monetary loss to corporations will be paid by our taxes. Those of us who lose their lives can be replenished with new slaves from all over the world. Basically, we are the pawns of a game of chess, on a treacherous chessboard played by corporations, filled with writings such as, freedom, democracy and trickle-down theory.

The republican rule of having values for their families at the cost of oppressively exploiting the families of the nation is just the blossoming of the faded glory of South Carolina at a much bigger scale, headed for enslaving the world by a few ruling families. Keep in mind that Bush just became the President and the lawmakers have been there since Bush was a teenager. The real thieves are simply hiding behind Bush’s graphic atrocities.

It makes little sense for a wise creator to destroy His creation and judge them in a different form of existence. Armageddon is simply the cleansing of humanity from artificial privileges of nobility. There are no birth privileges other than being born a human, a monkey or a fly. Bushes are no more privileged than victims of Katrina just as Waltons are no more privileged than their employees.

Our ancestors started out with simple forms of social life such as tribes. These primitive forms became the building blocks of civilization. It is hard to imagine that those who carried a civilization on their shoulders, like farmers and professionals, had the time to dream about extending their jurisdiction. Such dreams occur to useless pests who have nothing else to do but to dream. Thus, civilization provided the opportunity for pests to take it hostage for fulfilling their destructive dreams.

A system in which a small percentage controls the slavery lives of the entire nation cannot be democratic. Rather, it is a multi-dictatorship in which the dictators are in constant fight for more profit, while they all agree with oppressive laws made and protected by their lions in our legislative branch.

Jesus was not crucified for going against Romans. Rather His spiritual revolution was against the high priests who used God for the service of Romans so they could have control over masses and live better lives of their own. An intelligent social life will not tolerate the primitive pattern of predators, scavengers and herds of preys. Perhaps we can avoid the inevitable dramatic effects of this pattern by limiting the number of terms that our scavengers can be elected. Two millennia ago, high priest had a lifetime privilege of controlling the law. Our democracy has simply replaced the priests with a different type of scavengers.

It seems like, every morning Queens Walton and Bush go to the mirror and ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, Tell me who is the richest of all”. Now, that does not matter at all so long as the riches are not sought by manipulating the laws of our nation. It is absurd to work for forty hours each and every week, doing all types of harsh physical operations and with pain, only to be foreclosed because my income level has dropped so the Queens can take it as profit.

So now, at the age of 62, and years before my illusive mirage of retirement, I walk into the wilderness of homelessness. At least I will not be watching hot stories of poverty in other countries on our TV stations. Indeed I will be one of them without a story. I will live and die miserably in a well-hidden underworld where no one can film, or if they do, it will not reach any audience. This might be better than retiring and having to work for WalMart. Lawmakers must guarantee the Waltons with a huge supply of slaves from inside our nation, just as well as from outside.

July 10 is my birthday. I accept the gift of foreclosure from our scavenger lawmakers handed to me by our wicked President. Cry for thee, not for me.

Dr. Z.