Saturday, August 16, 2008

Democracy, end of social evolution

Speaking against our implementation of democracy should not be viewed as being in favor of communism. I am only interested in understanding a few things. First, are laws of evolution applicable to our (mankind) social systems, or not? Second, given that evolution is applicable then why so much growing pain, suffering and exploitation? In other words, does evolution in this context mean more poverty for a higher percentage of mankind? In the latter case, how far will this go before it stabilizes to a fixed percentage of poor and a fixed ratio of wealth among various classes in a society?

The reason for the last question above is the model of democracy in our country. Every so often a small percentage of our nation, using the laws of democracy, legally rips off the entire nation and pulls inconceivable amount of wealth, making millions poor and homeless. This is in addition to regular everyday highway robbery as their continuous source of income. All of this is happening in a country that claims to be the beacon of law and democracy.

What triggered the writing of this article was hearing the Olympic commentator throwing in the “American Dream” at the rate of at least once per minute, as if he was paid in accordance to the rate that he used the phrase. Among many others, he continually referred to our gymnastic head coach who is a Chinese. The translation of the notion of “American Dream” here is that the head coach has a job that provides health insurance, and can pay mortgage on his home, send his children to college, etc. Compared to this, the conclusion is that the China’s head coach is having a “Chinese Nightmare”. After all, everyone in his country has health insurance, and no one starves, and no child is left behind. Even worse, he is not free to vote for a corrupted representative who will occupy a seat in the senate regardless of his vote.

Perhaps the most fundamental principle of evolution is its ability to transfer genetic mutations and adaptations to the next generation. A characteristic of intelligence is its ability to transfer experiences on to the next generation. Initially we transferred our social ideals through primitive means like fairy tales and superstitions.

Confining our view to our own nation, just a short while ago we came up with a remarkable constitution. One would think that within an interval of two centuries genetic adaptations of our social life constrained by the constitution would have resulted in some measurable social progress. Somehow we keep going back to square one and starting over and over again, without any evidence of social evolution.

I do not consider taller buildings and airplanes as criteria for social evolution. Our social form of life is no different from the time of Romans, and before. It seems like evolution is somehow blocked, or in some cases reversed. Since natural laws should prevail, either evolution is not applicable to human societies, or some factors are forcing it behave abnormally. It is only logical to assume that the latter causes the former. The corollary is that, peacefully eliminating the impeding factors is the only means of allowing evolution to continue on its natural path. Aggressions, destruction and bloodshed have clearly proven to have negative effect as means of putting a nation on an evolutionary course.

Social evolution can only take place through communication. The extent of communication is vast covering education, public media and arts. However, the members of a society must also think of their nation as the vehicle of prosperity for their children and keep themselves actively involved.

A successful model of blocking a nation’s unity is Wal-Mart. In the name of “American Dream” you find a high percentage of employees with a single goal in mind, that someday they will become a salaried employee, gratefully serving Wal-Mart. There is no communication among employees concerning their future except what Wal-Mart has determined for them. Obviously, an educated American youngster will not be looking to Wal-Mart, starting by pushing carts, so someday he will become a salaried manager. So, you can easily guess how Wal-Mart provides the “American Dream” for its employees.

Now, take the Wal-Mart model and superimpose it on our constitution, and you will get our government. In particular, the migration of technological careers to other countries, and the flooding of our country with cheap engineers, is perpetrated by the lions in our senate. I can hear Obama paying his respect by claiming that such jobs would have migrated as if that is the law of nature. So senator, if I may ask, how come the same jobs are not moving from China or India into America? Is this a one-way evolutionary path, or is it the will of super-delegates who backed you? I am asking this knowing that I will actually vote for you.

Our nation is a big amusement park. There are a few who are enjoying the rides, and those who are selected to serve them well. The top-level servers are politicians who get the most of the “American Dream”. Some of us learn technical stuff to create the rides. Others learn office management, landscaping and other jobs that need education. We borrow the money for our education from the master so we can work for them. Finally, there are millions of us competing for jobs such as cleaning floors and bathrooms. If the masters choose to have their amusement park in another country, we all lose our jobs. It is therefore necessary to suffer so the masters are happy with the level of their profit. And that is the law of the land, and the practical meaning of the freedom advertised in our media. It is the masters that are free while we follow a predetermined path in fulfilling their desires.

There is no difference in physically forcing someone to perform labor, and depriving a person from basic needs so he can only survive by accepting the labor. Only if I could have health insurance, not starve and not worry about my child’s education, I would be free to choose. As things are, it is the employer who has the freedom of filling the position from any part of the world. Obviously, the rich guys from all over the world would be interested in investing in such a lawless society, with their true loyalty remaining with their own nation. Democracy is simply used as the opium of society to achieve this level of inhumane atrocity by our own elected politicians. How is this one nation?

Our species have clearly proven their creativity in crafting weapons from the beginning of time. Our lack of social progress will result in some of us building the ultimate weapon. When that comes, it will not be a violent act of terrorism. Rather, it will be the reaction of some of us fed up with our blocked social advances and put and end to it, once and for all.

We must be the most stupid form of intelligence in the universe, to use the medium of transfer of evolution for blocking it. Socially, we have only evolved to the extent to know how to use communication more effectively in retaining slavery. It should be clear that no form of surveillance could cover the activities of the population of miserable. This is not a prophecy. It is a plain statement of fact that will not be understood until it is too late. Accumulating agony will result in vengeance explosions that will not be contained by throwing a few bombs and putting up a few lies on the TVs.

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