Friday, February 20, 2009

My tax money!

By now everyone should know that the so-called ideology of the Gang Of Pests (GOP) is to serve a small percentage of the country’s population. Their services are provided through laws ensuring that their sponsors will continue to suck in almost the entire nation’s wealth, year after year.

However, legislatures are not the only charlatans protecting the real Pests of our nation. Recently, I am hearing a lot about “My Taxes” from talk show individuals attempting to elevate their rating, in particular by directing their attacks towards the stimulus plan. For instance, they make it appear as if homeowners between two others that are being foreclosed are actually paying into helping their neighbors.

Now, considering that 95 percent of nation will receive tax cuts under this administration, even an android can tell that he is not putting any money into helping his neighbors. If you are going to pay less tax, how is it that your hard-earned money is helping your neighbor? Can you understand this, really?

Paramount in GOP’s values is religion, specifically Christianity. The Great Teacher taught us about giving and forgiving. He told us to treat our neighbors like ourselves. And yet, you are screaming for your tax dollars helping your neighbors when in fact you are going to pay less in taxes. This contradictory performance is not even expected from a badly assembled android, and you consider yourself a human!

The sponsors of a talk show are interested in ratings so they can sell pajamas to you for the Valentine’s Day. Then, they want to keep the millions they make off of listeners like you. That is because they are not your neighbors, nor one of your countrymen. They are only interested in luring your income into their pockets, and keeping it all. Are you still thinking that trickle down is actually a theory?

If you are a person with strong faith, you already know that the poor are not poor because that is how God wants them to be. You know that because God teaches you to help the poor until poverty is eradicated. So, who would be interested in large populations of poor and needy? Like a lion in the wilderness, obviously this must be a person who intends to take advantage of your weaknesses and suck in your income. You are paying more in late fees, overdrafts and interests than you are paying taxes. So, who is draining your income? Is it the government that wants to help you with your health insurance, or the pests that plan to take advantage of your misfortunes?

You keep talking about freedom and having government out of your way. Very well, that is certainly a good idea. Now, what about car insurance? That is not a necessity like health insurance or energy. So in this case the government must step in and force you to obtain car insurance. That seems, and is in fact a good idea. But now, if you lose your insurance for 30 days due to lack of income, all insurance companies will require you to pay more than a thousand dollars for the next year before they set back your rate to where it was. This is the meaning of free market, not what you think it is supposed to be. This is why they say the government is the problem.

The pests of our nation want the government to find ways to force you to pay for their services, but beyond that they want to be free to make their own laws. In effect, they want the government, army and every social facility to be at their service. That is a small and useful government, not the one that provides a few basic social services. They prefer millions to die miserably, so they can take advantage of the ones that can struggle and pay for their services. Is this humane in any form of faith or lack of it for that matter?

I also hear a lot about the inefficiency of government. So let me put that in perspective. A company has a staff of well-paid employees that collect and prepare reports for the few decision makers at the top. Together, these take many millions in salary, and a lot more in bonuses and benefits. On the other hand the many thousands that get the actual work done must be content with bare necessities. That is the efficiency of their operation.

A lot of government waste comes from sponsored legislatures who spend much of the government money for the business and personal convenience of their sponsors. For instance keeping minimum wage low allows Wal-Mart have a huge percentage of its associates live off of government welfare programs. It is rather disgusting to see Wal-Mart taking in billions in profit and yet its store employees must live their lives using government money, which by the way is your tax money.