Monday, February 09, 2009

Wars of Imaginations

In other articles I have discussed the importance of human imagination. Without imagination we would not have invented spears, bows and arrows for hunting, nor would we have discovered the basics of agriculture.

Growing up in a cultured society endows us with certain drivers for imagination. A major such driver is faith. For many, faith shapes their imaginative (biological) mechanism. Bach, Saint Augustine and Dante are a few examples. For many others imagination primarily works in its original form. Some examples are Archimedes, Pascal’s mechanical calculator, Kharazmi’s notion of decimal numerals and equation, Galileo, Newton and Leonardo da Vinci.

In this article I would like to discuss a form of evil imagination that appears in various disguised forms and is the best candidate for the fulfillment of prophecies of end of days. The driver for the evil imagination is quite well known. It is the maturity of the social mechanisms used that is interesting for research, with the hope of eliminating this plague from humanity and bringing peace to our species.

The driver for my imagination is based in actuality of our recent history. First note that if we allocate two trillion dollars for tax cuts to the group of interest to the Gang Of Pests, there would not even be a mention of the debt passed on to our children. That is because the entire money goes to their children, not ours. This fact is quite easy to substantiate. Remember their actor who with their help put us under trillions of dollars of debt, until President Clinton fixed it. Then again, their bush took us back to the actor’s time. Just how many more repetitions are necessary to unveil their evil imagination? Really?

One major function of imagination is to solve problems at hand. To solve a problem, we use our imagination to strategize. We then apply a series of tactics in order to achieve the long-term goals of the strategy. The GOP refers to the goals for the health of the society, as socialism. In effect, democracy has been turned into a powerful weapon for protecting the kings and their rights as they choose. Anything else is labeled socialism.

The Gang Of Pests, under the protection of laws of democracy, and for just two votes is fighting with its teeth and claws to consume our wealth. They want to keep our children as the pool of miserable slaves for their children. So, any attempt from us to save the future of our children is simply redistribution of wealth, because wealth must only go in their direction.

Thus, the evil strategy is continuous flow of wealth in the direction of the pests that have strangled our democracy. Their tactic is tax cut for their gang. Unless we break the vicious cycle of actors and bushes, we will continue to live miserably until their atrocity brings terminal wars to our planet. It is our constructive imagination versus their evil and destructive imagination. We have a much harder task ahead of us.

The GOP refers to its evil imagination as a philosophical difference. Now, a philosophy in this context is like faith, something that cannot be proven but directs our daily actions. Those who believe in a particular religion follow its teachings for salvation or whatever the religion teaches. The GOP philosophy, on the other hand, is as follows.

A tiny percentage of human population is entitled to effectively all the wealth. The rest must live under debt to this elite group for small wages so they might be able to pay interest for owning a house or a car. Since this elite group must control the wealth, the government is blocked from providing any form of service such as health, education and retirement. Any money spent in these areas is considered redistribution of wealth because the wealth belongs to them alone, and they must decide how to spend it.

Among the tactics to materialize this philosophy is heavy taxation of low-income families, and tax cuts for the elite group. When it comes to taxes they speak of actual dollars rather than percentages. Indeed, in some cases taxes stop at some point. For instance social security tax stops just below $100,000 income. You probably know that you pay half and your employer pays the other half of social security tax as part of payment to you. This is so the elite group does not have to pay into social security. After all social security is a social service and therefore paying into it will constitute a redistribution of wealth.

Just remember how raising one percent tax on one percent of the wealthiest in our country made the Clinton era prosperity possible. That prosperity, however, is not to the liking of the elite group, represented by the GOP. They prefer millions of slaves living their miserable lives serving the tiny percentage of the lords. By the way, does this view actually qualify as a philosophical point of view, or just a treacherous plan?

Well, if a person has the point of view of extracting wealth from a society solely in his direction, that person is not social and has no place in a society. It is fair for a person to become rich from his hard work, not from the hard work of millions by simply hiding behind the laws of democracy invented by the Gang Of Pests, and skirted as a philosophy difference. What philosophy?